Bridge to “KANDO(EMOTION)” by Exceeding Satisfaction.

Through our business as a trading company, we hope to more than just “satisfy” our customers, but to also “impress” them.We consolidate our management resources and to expand the emotional ripple effects of the information and products we provide,we provide high-quality services and products through our unique procurement channels and network.

  • K


    Be familiar
    with the market

  • A


    Wide range of
    products and services

  • N

    give up

    Never give up

  • D



  • O




Not only to know the market but also of the Import/Export conditions in each country

To date, we have dealt with a variety of Agent, Manufacturers and have built strong relationships with them. The services and products we handle are extensive, but our expertise and strong relationship with our partners enables us to quickly obtain information on our products and offer customers the best services and products that meet their needs. We are also familiar with the Import/Export conditions of each country. So we will not only provide products, but also propose products from new regions and new business models.


Wide range of products and services emphasizing quality

We offer a wealth of products and services that meet customer needs.In addition to providing products and services, we have a Quality Assurance Department to provide superior quality products regardless of whether they are sold in-house or by other companies. We can also respond promptly when a product error occurs. Furthermore, we provide guidance to overseas suppliers so that we can reliably prevent recurrences and reduce the burden on our customers.

NNever give up

Never give upPropose the “Best” by sincerely listening to requests

We believe that good business is “for our customers to be happy”. We respond sincerely to our customers, listen to their needs, and utilize our networks and expertise to propose optimal products and services. We are also taking on the challenge of being able to handle new products that customers want without giving up. In addition, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction and more through speedy responses and agile footwork.


Distribution centers around the world Aim for global distribution

In Japan, we have established a follow-up system with five distribution centers, including the Osaka Head Office, as well as distribution centers in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Tottori, and Higashi Osaka. Outside Japan, we have offices in South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dong Guan (China), Manila, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangkok, Australia, the United States, Germany, and Mexico. We aim to distribute high-quality products and services globally by leveraging our procurement channels and networks.

OOperation capability

Promote to achieve the objectives Operational capability

Since our founding, our company has been providing procurement and logistics services to major consumer electronics manufacturers. We can deliver to customers’ manufacturing plants and achieve our objectives with our operational strength. Our strength lies in our ability to perform everything from ordering and receiving materials, to import/export, and delivery management. In addition, we respond quickly to investigations and arrangements for substitutes in the event of quality problems, as well as to local customer support, delivery date adjustments and quality correspondence.