BRILA Business car coating

Pursuing the "Drive to Brilliance" Feature

We will continue to pursue a shining and brilliant life for car owners, construction shops, and employees, aiming for the “Top of Brand” through the concerted efforts of all that are involved based on approximately 30 years of R&D, technological innovations, and know-how.

Before the size of the company and selling price, the “Top of Brand” we aim to be is,
・ Best customer experience (providing the joys and values that will be remembered for life)
・ Top-class skills and mindset through the strong engagements of relevant personnel
・ Top-class marketing and technological innovation

In order to achieve the three Tops, we aim to become more professional as a team on a daily basis, to maintain and further improve the quality supported by the highest-quality performance, and to pursue the BRILA’s Slogan of “Drive to Brilliance.”

In order to inspire a wider range of customers, we have begun offering products from a 5 range Body coating to a Full Range menu (Wheel, Window, Interior, Leather, Fabric, Rear Camera, Plastic,Headlight, Side Mirror) and to a Protection that covers nearly all parts of a car.

To keep your Beloved Car always beautiful

By leveraging our Automotive know-how, we are also challenging the Marine, Rail, Motorcycle ,Construction, Appliance, and Aviation fields.
We aim to supply 138 countries by 2038, with a cumulative total of 100 million users.

” To keep your Beloved Car as important (or more?) as your family always beautiful”
BRILA will strive to be a business that can respond to such requests.