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ITSUWA will act as your agent for "Procurements" and "Logistics". Feature

We are able to perform everything from ordering and receiving of parts and materials to import/export procedures, delivery date management, etc., to delivering them to our customers’ manufacturing plants.
Also, we can conduct investigations and arrange for substitutes in the event of a quality problem, as well as make payments to customers in the customer’s warehouse (or External warehouse) only after the product has been stocked.
We have a track record of procurement and logistics services for major consumer electronics manufacturers since our founding.
We also have overseas offices, primarily in Asia, so we can respond quickly to customer support, delivery date adjustments, and quality correspondences locally.

Customer Industries

Manufacturing industries

Main Products and Services

・ Procurement of various electronic components, mechanism elements/parts and dangerous goods, as well as an integrated logistics service (Import/Export)
* We have businesses with about 400 companies
・ Import/export cargo VMI and Stock Point Operation Services by warehouses around the World
・ An integrated transportation service (Import/Export) from the shipment of equipments to special packaging and customs clearance procedures