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Pet and Tea Business

Pet Business

It is said that the main target of the pet industry in Japan is about 18 million dogs and cats. (According to the “National Survey of Dog and Cat Breeding” by the Pet Food Association Institute). This number is greater than the number of children under 15 and less than elderly aged 65 or older. We work with such numbers and handle natural and additive-free pet treats and supplies for our loved pets.

dear deer

Healthy and natural treats made from deers that graze freely on the vast nutrient-rich grass fields of New Zealand. These deers have not been given any additives or nutrient supplements, providing us with 100% natural pet treats that we bring to Japan as the exclusive import agency.


To answer to the needs of pet owners that want to feed their pet the most natural food, we provide the highest quality of natural pet food that maintain as much nutrients as possible and are made from the cattles and sheep raised in the nature of New Zealand. We also act as the exclusive import agency.

Tea business

As interest in Japanese food is growing worldwide, we continue to collaborate with top-class Shizuoka tea manufacturers in Japan to ensure that customers around the world understand the quality of Japanese tea, which is essential to Japanese food. In the past, the manufacturers have received many awards, including the Honorary Award, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (1st prize) and the Shizuoka Prefectural Governor’s Award. In addition, we have a double-certified organic cultivation based on the Japan Organic JAS and U.S. NOP standards at some of our directly managed tea plantations, tea production plants, and finishing plants. We offer safe, secure, and delicious products to a wide range of industries, not only in Japan, but also overseas.