EMS Business Electronics Manufacturing Service

Characteristics of EMS Provided by ITSUWA SHOJI KAISHA Feature

The EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) business offered by ITSUWA SHOJI KAISHA, Inc. is characterized not only by contracts for processes ranging from material procurement to production and logistics, but also by a stance of maximizing the content and requirements that customers want in all processes related to the business.

For example, we utilize a logistics system that we have established independently through many years of trade transactions, conducting quality inspections by our Quality Assurance Division, assisting customers in selecting vendors (a service that evaluates quality and environmental management from all perspectives), and developing and proposing new vendors.

We have been conducting EMS business in China for more than 20 years and in recent years we have also expanded into Vietnam. Now, we are looking to expand our business into others Southeast Asian countries.
With our track record as a trading company and our global network centered in Asia, we will respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

Customer Industries

Japan and overseas electrical equipment manufacturers (automotive, housing equipment, office automation, etc.)

Main Achievements

・ Automotive AV equipment products (parts processing, finished product assembly)
・ OA equipment-related products (parts processing, finished product assembly)
・ Battery-powered instruments (parts processing, finished product assembly)
・ Mounting and assembly of various printed circuit boards