Factory Solutions Factory solution

Consumables and subsidiary materials essential for manufacturing and processing, or agent business and sales of FA-related facilities, jigs and spare parts-agency Agency sales

In the field of Factory Solutions, we act as an agent business and sell essential consumables and subsidiary materials for global manufacturing customers.
Our goal is to have local sales activities, GENBA services (periodic management, improvement proposals), and inventory warehouses in various locations to meet customer needs.
In addition to improving production costs through our function as a trading company and VE/VA proposals, we also conduct follow-up activities through regular visits, regularly managing oil agents, and conducting workshops with manufacturer engineers for on-site operators.
In response to growing demands for factory automation and automation in production processes, we are also focusing on factory automation equipments, control panel manufacturing, design consignment, and handling of jigs and spare parts.
Under the slogan “ONE STOP SOLUTION,” we will further develop products and strengthen our systems to expand the variety of our proposals.
Please feel free to give us a call if you are in need of support.

Customer Industries

Machining, metal processing, molding, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc.

Major Products and Services

・ Grinding wheels (Centerless, cylinders, flat, internal, CBN, diamond, various kinds of Arkansas/Dresser)
・ Oil agents (water-soluble cutting fluids, grinding fluids, cleaning agents, rust preventive)
・ Industrial filters
・ EDM wire (brass, coating)
・ Diamond tools
・ Cutting tools
・ Welding sputter remover
・ Industrial brushes and flapwheels
・ Barrel polishing media and compounds
・ Solder tips
・ Finger stalls
・ Special nuts, etc
・ Bonds and adhesives
・ Inspection and cleanroom related
・ Gloves (latex, nitrile)
・ Abrasive grains and refractory materials (ceramics)
・ Enamelled wire
・ Jigs, spare parts, and molding parts
・ Automation equipments
・ Control panels and distribution boards
・ Preparation of equipment design drawings
・ RP prototype production