Wholesale trading company centered on mobile accessories Wholesale

Starting with parts-related businesses, we have been selling mobile accessories to consumer electronics retailers for more than 20 years as a wholesale trading company.
We handle more than tens of thousands of items, and we have been dealing in trendy products such as straps, cases, screen protectors, and chargers for many years. In recent years, we have been promoting the development of products in categories other than mobile accessories, and we are also taking on the challenge of developing a multi-faceted business as a vendor.


We have direct transaction accounts with major consumer electronics retailers, and we have established infrastructures such as EDI. Our distribution center also uses handheld terminals to handle shipments.
In particular, our smartphone accessories include all categories of products, as they deal with a variety of overseas and Japanese manufacturers. Sales specialists propose shelf allocations and store deployment examples.
We respond promptly to requests for products from our dealers through our unique network specializing in mobile devices.

Product Purchasing

We provide marketing support to manufacturers based on sales data from dealers and our own website, and discuss future product developments and sales improvements. In addition, by sharing information of popular items with manufacturers, we established a partnership to secure a set inventory at our distribution centers.
To not be left behind by competitors, our buyers are constantly searching for new products in the market.
If you are a manufacturer with an interesting product, please contact our Purchasing Representative.

Product Development

We sell original products.
We listen to the opinions of our buyers and end-users, investigate independently for materials, and develop a product suited for the market.
We also accept our customers’ original products, OEMs and ODMs.