We maintain quality supported by the highest quality performance
and pursue coating services in all areas and materials.

Car Coating Business

Based on approximately 30 years of R&D, technological innovations and know-how, we will continue to pursue a bright Life for car owners, construction stores and employees, with the aim of becoming a Top of Brand through the concerted efforts of all parties involved. Top of Brand that ITSUWA is aiming for is to achieve three tops: "Best Customer Experience (Delivering Lifetime Memorable Joy and Value)," "Top-class Skills and Mind with Solid Engagement of Related Persons," and "Top-class Marketing and Technological Innovation." regardless of the scale and sales of the company: "Beautify your most important thing apart from your family forever. "BRILA is working toward a business that meets the needs of such people.

Various coating fields

In addition to coating protection services for wheels, windows, interiors, leathers, fabrics, rear cameras, plastic parts, headlights, and side mirrors, which can cover nearly all of our cars, we also take on challenges in the fields of ships, railways, motorcycles, and architecture by leveraging our know-how in the automotive field.
SCLEAN, a new smartphone screen-coating service based on in-store construction, is also well received.

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