We handle a wide range of products,
from direct materials to indirect materials to production facilities.
Please also delegate the agency for purchasing,
procurement, and logistics operations.

Electronics Business

In the electronics business, the Group handles various electrical and electronic components for electrical machinery-related customers, centered on capacity-related products.
We respond globally to all operations, from ordering and receiving of parts and materials to the delivery of products to our customers' production plants, including import and export procedures and delivery date management.

Wide range of services

In addition, we have received favorable reviews and arrangements for substitutes when quality issues arise, as well as VMI transactions (inventory management services) and JIT responses at our customers' warehouses, in-house warehouses, and external warehouses. We have a proven track record with many major manufacturers, and we will further evolve this know-how that we have cultivated since our founding. We will continue to expand our business in response to customer needs so that we can become an indispensable presence for our customers.

ServiceMain Products and Services


Foil (chemical conversion, etching, raw foil)



Electro-deposited paper

Lead wire

Seat plate

Potting material


Electrical and electronic components

Products manufactured by electrical and electronic parts manufacturers are handled.

Purchasing, procurement, and logistics operations

It is the backbone of BtoB of Itsuwa Corporation.

  • Procurement and logistics services for various electronic components, mechanical components, and dangerous goods (import and export)*We have a track record of working with about 400 companies.
  • VMI and stock point management services for import and export goods through warehouses in countries around the world
  • Comprehensive transportation services for import and export, including equipment removal, special packaging, and customs clearance

VE・VA propose

We utilize our global network to cultivate new manufacturers and offer VE and VA proposals.

Product information

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