We will maximize the content and requirements desired
by our customers in every process involved in the EMS business.

EMS Business

In the EMS business, we manufacture electronics equipment on a contract basis to meet customer needs. We have been operating an EMS business in China for more than 20 years, and in recent years we have expanded into Vietnam. In the future, we are looking to expand our business into other Southeast Asian countries.
With our track record as a trading company and our global network centered on Asia, we will respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

[Major customer industries]
Domestic and overseas electrical equipment manufacturers (automotive, housing equipment, OA, etc.)

Features of ITSUWA EMS Business

In the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) business provided by ITSUWA, in addition to outsourcing processes from material procurement to manufacturing and logistics, we can also propose the following.
・Utilize the logistics system, which has been established independently through many years of trade transactions, and is developed mainly in Asia
・Implementation of quality inspections by our Quality Assurance Department
・Helping customers select suppliers (a service that evaluates quality and environmental management from multiple perspectives)
・Development and proposal of new suppliers

EMS Business

Production base for the EMS business

AchievementMajor EMS Results

  • Number of items handled: 13,826 points
  • Number of business partners: 111
Parts categoryNumber of items handledNumber of suppliers
Mounting board3592
PCB components4,09924
Electrical components1,64715
Metal processed goods7213
Cutting workpiece3317
Resin molding product3,0667
Parts categoryNumber of items handledNumber of suppliers
Aluminum extrusion121
Fastening parts7348
Sheet material5957
Printed products7027
Packaging materials68614
Others (not classified)3358