Electrical machinery Outdoor Fire Alarms

Detects even a lighter's fire outdoor without any malfunction

Approximately 40,000 cases of fires occurr annually in Japan.
A fire takes many lives and property. Fire detectors that detect heat and smoke, which have been used to prevent fires, can protect people’s lives, but it is difficult to protect important assets and trust.
Given these circumstances, we can provide new form of safety and security that protects not only human lives but also important assets.
The most common cause of fires is arson (according to a survey by the FDMA in 2014). This fire detector can detect even the flames of a lighter, allowing it to not miss a single moment of arson.


Recommended Installation Location

Bicycle parking, garbage dumps, outdoor lights, parks, temples or religious places of worship, cultural properties, Buddhist altars, private rooms for toilets, factories, warehouses, heavy machinery, trucks, etc.

Example System Configuration

It can also be linked to a surveillance camera. It begins filiming the moment the flame is detected and alerts the administrator with by email with an image.