O&M ENERGYOperation and Maintenance

Are you looking for a solution for reduction of power generation amount of mega solar panels?
Special cleaning removes various stains such as iron powder to restore power generation performance.

Special cleaning of iron powder

In ordinary cleaning, contamination mixed in iron powder is removed, but iron powder is almost impossible to remove because it is oxide and solidified on the surface. In our special cleaning for removing iron powder, it is possible to remove iron powder and deteriorated AR coat, thereby greatly recovering power generation performance. Experienced installers work carefully to ensure that special cleaning does not place a burden on panels.
The collection of waste fluids is also reassuring because specialist waste disposal companies process it (publish manuals). We will check the site and propose optimal procedures.

Responding to the need for various types of dirty

We also respond to various types of stains, such as oil and fat stains, soot stains, and environmentally friendly cleaning, using dedicated detergents and cleaning methods. When collecting waste fluids, a specialist company handles waste disposal, and we also comply with the publication of manuals.