Become an indispensable presence and open up a bright future
for manufacturers in Japan and the world

Factory Solutions Business

In the Factory Solutions Business, under the slogan "ONE STOP SOLUTION," we have adopted a business vision of "becoming an indispensable entity for Japanese and global manufacturers and pioneering a bright future." We handle smart factory-related products in order to contribute to the manufacturing industry's efforts for Industry4.0 in the future, including the manufacture of fixtures and spare parts, the design and production of factory automation facilities, disaster prevention-related products, and products that are indispensable to the manufacturing industry's manufacturing of consumables, secondary materials, and equipment from distributor sales.

Expanding network

Today, we do business with more than 600 companies worldwide, and we will continue to expand our business in response to customer demands by leveraging our long-standing transportation expertise as a trading company and further expanding the range of products we handle.