Introducing ITSUWA's know-how, we have developed a range of imported brands,
from pet appliances through thorough quality control to treats.
We will do our utmost to support your pet life.

Pet Appliances Business

We deliver new and convenient pet appliances and health-conscious snacks that are nowhere else so that our loved pets and everyone can spend their time comfortably with each other.

Home Salon Series

Hands-free dryer with quiet and powerful energy-saving designs by brush-less DC motors can be easily dried at home without placing a burden on your dogs, and have been well received.


【dear deer】
100% Natural New Zealand pet treats are made from deer grazed in the vast natural environment and grown with nutrient-rich pastures without additives or nutrients.

Along with pet owners’ desire to give the most natural food, we provide the highest quality natural pet food made so that beef, sheep, and other ingredients grown in New Zealand’s natural environment are not nutritionally destroyed as much as possible.

Online Shop

Online pet storesItsuwa Pet

This is a mail order site of an import and sales agency that offers a lineup of outstanding overseas products.
Our products include stylish pet accessories and high-quality natural pet food. We also offer a variety of other pet products.